Nashville Sheriff: Davidson County Sheriff's Office

Facility Officer (Part-Time)

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Nashville, TN

Job status
Part time
$30.00 – Hourly
Job description

The Nashville Sheriff: Davidson County Sheriff's Office is looking to hire Part-time Facility Officers in Nashville.

Starting pay is $30 an hour.

Position Description

This is a Non-Civil Service position located with the Davidson County Sheriff's Office. 

Supervise and maintain security of inmates and correctional facilities. Perform related duties as required. Position does not average in excess of 20 hours per week within the six-month window. DCSO does not guarantee any set number of hours. 


Employees work in a correctional environment that requires physical stamina and exposure to hazardous and stressful situations. Employees may be required to work varying shifts and weekends and must be able to defend themselves or others against physical attack. 

Typical Duties

Maintain an accurate count of inmates and equipment in assigned areas

        Log when inmates are assigned / moved from housing unit

        Conduct audit and formal counts to ensure the correct inmates are present

        Update inmate location and status in computer systems

        Conduct informal counts at irregular intervals

Uphold facility security

        Monitor cells / units to ensure that inmates do not leave their assigned areas

        unless authorized

        Control access to security doors to prevent unauthorized persons for entering/exiting

        Monitor inmates to prevent security breaches and inappropriate behavior in the facility

        Communicate with other officers and employees using hand-held radios or phones

        Conduct inspections of housing units throughout the shift to ensure integrity of furniture, fixtures, and equipment

        Oversee/supervise all inmate activity

        Perform security observation tours as defined in policy and procedure 

        Coordinate and direct inmate movement (e.g., court, work areas) at proper time

        Investigate and report any incidents in assigned area

        Supervise inmate workers on clean-up detail

        Supervise distribution of food trays and beverages during meal time

Manage emergency situations 

        Attempt to deescalate volatile situations to prevent assaults, riots, etc.

        Respond to aid other officers or staff needing assistance

        Use force in accordance with DCSO policy to physically move, control or restrain an inmate or inmates when necessary

        Properly apply restraints (handcuffs, leg irons, restraint chair, etc.) in accordance with DCSO policy

        Utilize chemical agents in accordance with DCSO policy

Minimum Qualifications

  • Candidates must have a High School Diploma or equivalent at time of selection
  • Twenty-one (21) years of age at time of hire

Candidates with accreditations earned in a foreign institute are encouraged to apply. 

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The Nashville Sheriff's Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, minorities and veterans are encouraged to apply.